Thursday, July 24, 2014

About Me

I have spent my entire life immersed in art and technology. Some of my earliest memories include painting beaches and sunsets to explore basic color theory and textures and the sound of dial up internet when I would go online to play Starcraft with my dad during his slow graveyard shifts at the air port. In school, the arts were always my favorite subjects and in high school I learned how to animate and I loved it!

I am currently in college continuing my general art and animation education, and in 2013 my two team mates and I won a county-wide award for the animated short, “Inspiration”.  Also, while in college I expanded my repertoire of art skills by establishing myself as a professional muralist.

In 2014  I will have earned an AA degree in both “Liberal Arts” and “Arts” and will have also obtained  three certificates in 3D Modeling and Animation with emphasis in: “Pre-Visualization,” “Video Games and Interactive Media,” and “Art”.

Upon graduation from college I plan to continue my commercial art studies so that one day I can serve as an art director.